Thursday, November 13, 2014

A story of both.

'All good things come to an end, they say.'


_ _ _ _ _
All good things must end. 
After all, it's the only reason why we look forward to the next vacation.
It's how things work, or the very least, how we'd learn to appreciate the good while it last.
We were taught to be content.

As I sit here, typing out the mumbles inside my head, youth by Foxes had been playing on loop for hours.
Drowning within the song, I gather my thoughts together.

"Now I'm just chasing time, with a thousand dreams I'm holding heavy. And as we cross the line these fading beats have all been severed. Don't tell me our youth is running out. It's only just begun" - Foxes

Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar).

_ _ _ _ _
I always get cutis anserina. A good song can do that to me. Utterly euphoric.
Before I drift off too far away, let's get back to the topic. TRAVEL.
You know that feeling of sadness you get whenever your vacation is coming to an end?
It's like being trap inside a box of feelings, torn between the joy you felt during the entire trip and the part of letting go, coming back to reality.
However, you are content. Despite the ending, you enjoyed the show. 

_ _ _ _ _

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ripple Effect

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. -Helen Keller
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I doubt that anyone read my blog, but I figure what the heck. I've got nothin to lose anyway.
You know how sometimes you feel that something isn't getting enough exposure that you deem as appropriate.
Especially when it's something that you've grown to be fond of.
Well in my case, it's the rising culture of independent local clothing/apparel brands (excluding the famous ones).
No doubt, they are marching through the battle and doing just fine themselves.
I would say most had achieved a certain high expectation of establishment tremendously and I suppose, their own legacy too.
I know there are tons of supporters behind these brand names, undying support in that sense.
But somehow, I just wish they get more exposure.

Reason why; well I'm the only person among my close circle of friends, who's actually aware of these budding local brands.
I get that everyone aiming for "quality" products that carries a hell lot of statement with the brand name.
But until we start to support local made products, how are we ever gonna start progressing?
I'm not going to go into detailed discussion but I know it's quite obvious that my own race, aren't exposed, or the very least, take notice of these local brands.
Yes, sure there are some exceptions to that assumption. Take me as an example or anyone you know that can relate to this.
But the impact needs to expand. There has to be a WOW impact.
I am not trying to imply stereotypical thoughts or create some kind of racial dispute.
I genuinely just want these local brands to get more exposure among all races. Equal exposure.

I'm not your typical hipster nor some kind of girl who has devoted her life for FASHION CRAZE. *laughs*
I don't believe that I'm a good writer, which at this point, if I have not lose your attention, or any of you who's reading had not clicked the red X button just yet, I would be surprised.
I don't have fancy writing skills and I wouldn't dare to say my English is good. Average perhaps.
I love books and can't live without alone time *introvert alert*. My music choice ranges from Rachel Yamagata to Yuna, Chvrches, Birdy, San Cisco, Charli XCX and Lykke Li. (just to name a few)
I love coffee but I adore tea more, and I find comfort, superb comfort in wearing a tee shirt over a pair of long pants and sneakers.
Well you can't blame me cause I had to wear formal to class every single day. *urgh*
So I grasp and grab onto any opportunity I had to dress in my utmost comfort attire.
To me, TEE-SHIRT > Dress at any rate. *laughs*
I knew about some brands years ago. Throughout the first half of 2014, I was more exposed to other brands.
Over the months, one thing lead to another, and now I've grown accustom to a brand in particular. :)

Ménage | Live, Love and Appreciate.

There's just something about this brand. I don't know much about their history and how it all started.
But one thing's for sure, I know the success is brought up by a young man name Khairul. 
He's the manager and the mastermind behind Ménage . If I'm not mistaken.
I've never grown so fond of something so much before. 
From the way Khairul attend to his customers until the products get delivered to my doorstep.
Let's just says that everyone gets turn off and irritated when a service/front desk personal treats us inappropriately.
Come on, who on earth wants to get a sour face, whom might tear you up if you accidentally pissed them off just by asking for another size or exchange, to serve you when you make a purchase? NOBODY.
We as customers, want to be treated with good upright attitude.
If we aren't a pain in the arse or causing problems intentionally, do not give us that bitchy rude face and treat us like some lower class individuals.
That being said, I think Menage truly sticks to it's motto from head to toe. The friendly and promptness feedback you get makes you feel welcomed and appreciated.
It makes you feel like you're a part of them, like a family.

Pluspoint: They even held promotion during CNY which was superb and earn them double thumbs up from me. On the side note, what more can you ask from a friendly brand that offers Free Shipping along side with a Free Tote Bag and Sticker(s)? 
"At Ménage, everyone is a family member." - Ménage

source: Ménage 

Facebook page:

So hurry up and grab some tees from them now! Their t-shirts are of high quality and aren't that thin/fragile in terms of fabric.


There's another upcoming label named Tee Face Contour, which happens to be a studio mate to a close friend of mine.
This brand may be new but I think they have a promising future.
Wafiy is a talented young man that has way much potential and isn't getting enough credit for it; he is the guy you should know.
A passionate architecture student, who believes in a simple goal; to express art through their T-shirts.
Most of us have dreams, but not many managed or are willing to take a step further and turn them into reality.
Visions, we all have visions. We all have what ifs and endless passions. But these are the people that separates themselves from the crowd, and became achievers.

source: Tee Face Contour 


"Life is art, art is beautiful, life is beautiful."
- Tee Face Contour
Here's a brief bio of the founder and the brand. (In his own words)

Founder Bio
Name : Ahmad Wafiy bin Azhar
DOB : 01/04/1992
POB : Selangor
Occupation :  Architecture Student / Founder of Tee Face Contour
University : Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)
Interest : Art, Architecture, Film Making, Music, Graphic Design
Contact :
+6 012 340 5400 (phone number) (Tee Face Contour email)

How this brand started?
Tee Face Contour was founded in early 2014. It began when I suddenly had a thought on wanted to do something with my ability and creativity  in art. As you know, I am an architecture student, so I cannot channel my creativity to build a real building yet because I am still a student and it will take several years until I can build and design a real building. So, I was thinking to do another creations that can channel my creativity into something that can bring some benefits to people and also bring happiness to them. Finally, I decided to jump into this industry (independent clothing line) from nothing. Before I jump into this industry, I've tried lots of things before, such as video making and wedding photography but I realized that this industry suits me best.  When I started, I found that I can also make side income from it. So, I prepared everything well and hope that one day Tee Face Contour will be rocking this industry locally and globally!

What is this brand all about?
Tee Face Contour is a local clothing/street wear based in Cheras, Malaysia. For now, we make awesome and unique t-shirts for those who appreciate art. "Life is art. Art is beautiful. Life is beautiful." is our motto. We have a bigger plan for Tee Face Contour in the future, as it is not only to produce unique t-shirts but other unique and quality clothes as well.

What people can expect from the brand and why it is different?

Tee Face Contour has a strong concept. Our concept is, we design a face contour on our t-shirt/apparel and it shows our strong identity as well. That's why we are different from others. We will produce lots of amazing and unique face contour designs in the future and it is absolutely different from other brands. We love to be different because it is unique. We are super unique!


" Nothing alive can stand still, it goes forward or back. Life is interesting only as long as it is a process of growth; or, to put it another way, we can only grow a long as we are interested. "
 - Eleanour Roosevelt 

At the end of the day, I wish that these young entrepreneurs continue to innovate and push through the limits.
It is with my purest sincerity that a difference, a change can be made and that it helps to aspire others to step out from their comfort zone and achieve something marvelous, be it in art, designing, business or other industry.
Who knows, someday, your talent might just blow us away. Nothing is too small too know and nothing is too big to attempt. 

Here's some independent clothing lines which you can check out.

Pomphead Clothing 


Legasi Clothing | for the pocket tees lovers out there.

Slickwear Clothing

You can always follow Tempatan Fest ( ) to get updates on the latest local clothing festival.


My style. 

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*it's too bad I lost my Fall leaves tee during my HK Trip*

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A day of slow-pace read and discovery.

The Bearded Lady

" If they called one very soul in the land on the move. Only then would they know a blessing in disguise."

Cheers mes amies!XX

Disclaimer: I did not receive commission or any sort of sponsorship for this blog post as I'm just writing my thoughts out. Heck, I don't think the brands know about it until this post was published. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Travelogue: HongKong + Dongguan

|Shots taken during my short trip to Hong Kong and a small part of China.
DSLR series: Canon 550D

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Design Project for Rachelle Paris

Bonjour! :) 
It's been quite a while but I'm back! I know this blog is pretty much dead. *not that I have many any readers anyway*

*laughs* I've been busy but I think I might just start blogging again. *fingers cross*
So, recently I did a project for Miss Rachelle Paris. She's a freelance blogger who blogs about lifestyle and beauty. Go check her out! She's new but she has potential. WEBSITE LINK
She also do modeling services so if you're interested, do PM her! :) Follow her on instagram, that will make her happy! 

As I was saying, the project I did for her was nothing extraordinary. 
She needed a business card so I was more than happy to offer my assistance. I design the card just by photoscape. 
FYI, I have not taken up photoshop skills yet. *yes I know, I should and I will, soon.* 
A girl who loves four leaf clover and Eiffel Tower like mad, I decided to incorporate both of them in the card. 
I got the pink Eiffiel Tower from 

ps: If you haven't notice, I finally have a new and better logo! *laughs* And well I change the layout of the blog as well. Do check out my other sites, as well as instagram (hopefully I will upload more frequently). 

Cheers mes amies!