Saturday, April 5, 2014

Design Project for Rachelle Paris

Bonjour! :) 
It's been quite a while but I'm back! I know this blog is pretty much dead. *not that I have many any readers anyway*

*laughs* I've been busy but I think I might just start blogging again. *fingers cross*
So, recently I did a project for Miss Rachelle Paris. She's a freelance blogger who blogs about lifestyle and beauty. Go check her out! She's new but she has potential. WEBSITE LINK
She also do modeling services so if you're interested, do PM her! :) Follow her on instagram, that will make her happy! 

As I was saying, the project I did for her was nothing extraordinary. 
She needed a business card so I was more than happy to offer my assistance. I design the card just by photoscape. 
FYI, I have not taken up photoshop skills yet. *yes I know, I should and I will, soon.* 
A girl who loves four leaf clover and Eiffel Tower like mad, I decided to incorporate both of them in the card. 
I got the pink Eiffiel Tower from 

ps: If you haven't notice, I finally have a new and better logo! *laughs* And well I change the layout of the blog as well. Do check out my other sites, as well as instagram (hopefully I will upload more frequently). 

Cheers mes amies!