Friday, September 25, 2015

I never really told anyone this, but...

I got you to click the link with that title, didn't I?
I knew it.

Right, back to the topic.
my brother's a guitarist in the band called The Metaphor.
(Some may know him by the name Sze Yee.)

Credits : Calvin Alexi
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I never really told anyone around me about this.
Of course, it's no secret that my friends know my brother's in a band, but I doubt that they even remember that.
I didn't keep it a secret, but I guess you can say that people tend to forget things?
Ask any of my close friends, and this is how they'll react:
1) They'll probably nod, barely recalling, but still give a little reassurance that I did mention the fact that my brother is in a band.
2) Wait, what? "Elaine's brother is in a band?"
But, make no mistake, I do mention it.
This might have come up a few times, especially when they come over, which prompted the courtesy to ask if any of my family members are around so that they could greet them, which I would have to end up explaining why and who's not around, or that my brother's out for a gig or that he is on tour somewhere.
But I don't think any of them took this seriously.
I don't blame them, partly because my music taste differs from most all of my friends.
Mind you, I have quite a number of friends claiming that the songs I listen to put them to sleep or that it has no "life" or "what is it that you're listening?".
However, the unfamiliarity of the people around me towards my brother's passion in music is mostly due to the reason that I never took the initiative to invite them to tag along whenever I went to catch my brother live in action.
Then again, this comes back to the music taste.
So you can see that I didn't really have a choice. Spare them the hardship of coming up with an excuse not being able to join (which they can but don't want to), or put them in a position where they had no choice but to agree to come.
In both cases, if they do tag along, they'll probably end up not enjoying themselves and wish that they had the audacity to say no.
Because of our music taste, and my appreciation towards the local scene VS theirs. There's a gap.

Despite that, I am very grateful that I have my sister.
We both admire our brother. (Bitch, I know deep down you like going to bro's gig though you're always such a tease)
Oh yes, my sister and I, we are so close that we call each other bitch, but I think that this status has recently escalated to dumbass shit. (even siri calls me dumbass shit)
Here's a proof:
3 years apart, so there wasn't really a distance between us.
Don't get me wrong, we do argue. I recall one time that I refuse to speak to her and gave her the 'Silent Treatment' for more than a month.
Sometimes, our arguments turn bitter and vulgar and ended up in tears. LOTS OF TEARS. (plus a little screaming)
On the other hand, my brother and I, we are alike, but I guess you can say that the 7 year gap kept us in our own shells. This doesn't apply to my sister and my brother though, they are both like cats and dogs, who love each other and tease each other.
Conversations with my brother is.... very direct. He'll tell me something/inform me and I'll acknowledge.
He'll ask questions and I'll answer, then full stop. It's the same the other way round.
This usually takes up to maximum 5 minutes.
We never argued, like NEVER. Sometimes, in a week, our exchange doesn't even last more than 10 sentences.
I know. You must be thinking, whoa this isn't some brotherly sisterly love man.
True, but this is what makes me and my brother's relationship unique. :)
Since young, he'll share any news on games with me and show me how to play.
The fact that I'm a casual gamer is because of my brother. My sister usually teases my brother and say that he's such a geek and mock me for following him.
It's very common for both of them to mock each other, usually with me as my brother's back up.
It's always a losing battle for my sister whenever I gang up with my brother against her.
Now, we share things about coffee!
I know very well that my siblings are there for me no matter what, and that they'll take care of their baby little sister (though I'm way pass the entitlement to such calling, but hey, I'm still the youngest, so I have the power in the house).
We are just like any other siblings, we fight, we bond. (perhaps I'll tell more story on that some other day)

The reason I mention this, is despite the close and not so close relationship I have with my brother, I respect him a lot.
I don't think he knows this. So perhaps, if he reads this, he'll know?
I really admire his passion in music and the fact that he continues to pursue this passion despite working full time.
He's married (sorry ladies, better luck never, haha just kidding, but he is married.) and yet that has never stopped him from playing.
I grew up listening to guitars strumming (occasionally feet stamping, because he's so into it that he does his signature move, even at home.) across the room, usually in the afternoon/evening, sometimes almost near late night.
I don't think there's ever a time that I've never heard him practice or play.
We grew up in a family that had no musical background.
My father is just like any other fathers, who work, while my mother stopped working after she had my brother, so that she could stay at home and look after him as well as us.
Yes, its true that its inevitable that my father adores singing, like a lot (that's how we know when he's truly happy) while doing chores such as tending his garden or simply fixing our air conditioners.

*typical scenario in our house* 
(loud singing of oldies songs can be heard across the house) 
Sister: Where's dad? 
Mom: Out in the garden. 
Me: He's happy. 
Sister: Yes, 'cause he is singing, again. 

My sister picked up on piano at the age of 10 I think and I was sent along too, for lessons.
I wasn't really into piano, but I went along with it.
The lack of daily practices as well as the disinterest in pursuing piano exams gave it away.
However, my teacher was very understanding that he didn't push me in taking these exams and yet he continues to teach me so that I could play songs from higher grades.
I am grateful that I had learnt piano. Though I don't have interest in this particular instrument, I do feel fortunate that I know how to play it.
I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
My parents never really played any music instruments let alone gotten themselves involve in this scene.
So you can see that, we are just like any other average family.
We didn't have musical parents nor relatives who are in such scene, and yet, my brother seems to be a living proof that such things don't matter as long as you have passion.

You know how it's like that some famous musicians or artists grew up in a musical family that they had been exposed to music influence at a young age?
That this had been in fact, a part of their lives, which had shaped their talents or nurture their passion towards the music scene.
To them, such experiences imprinted their passion in music.
My brother wasn't like them.
I must admit, my brother was in a band way back in his high school years.
Like any other teens, it's cool to be in a band. Right? (i'm thinking if that's what my brother had in mind when he and his friend formed a band)
Usually, this phase will pass.
As you grew older, you find other cool things to do.
My brother didn't. I still remember his first black electric guitar, which he bought with his own savings.
Back in the days, I used to sneak into his room when he's away and secretly play it. HAHA!
He did teach me and my cousin how to play the guitar when I was like 12, but just a few chords though.
I find it amusing that my brother has taken his passion to such level. I wish I could say the same in my case.

You might be thinking,
"WHOA! That's so cool! Your brother's in a band! That must be glamorous."
On the contrary, no.
Not to say that it's not cool to have a brother who's in the music scene with his friends and doing quite well.
But I wouldn't exactly say that our family gets attention.
Mainly because my brother keeps his music life separated from his daily life.

"No, you must have been to his gigs plenty of time and had the chance to get to know people."
Wrong again.
Hello, major introvert here.
My sister and I, we do go to his gig, but not as often as we'd like.
Back then, we were still young and couldn't drive.
My parents weren't keen on letting us go out till late night either.
Because, his usual gigs are far away from our area and that it's always around 10pm or later.
Of course, once we were able to drive, we try to go as often as we can.
However, sometimes, it's during the weekdays and my usual sister is always too tired from work.
"I have to wake up early in the morning, I'm lazy."
So, the one and only person that enjoys the same music as me, wasn't up to it, which leaves me no choice but to skip it as well.
He used to inform us beforehand whenever he has a gig.
I guess my brother knew us and our parents too well, that he doesn't really ask us to go see him anymore after some time, as most of the time, we end up not going.
This upsets me, because I really like going to his gig.
The brother I know at home is a different person on stage. One time, we decided to bring our parents along to see him perform and they were stunned! But they were proud, very proud.
I guess they were just shocked to discover that my brother has a different aura on stage compare to when he's at home.
Now that my sister's abroad studying her masters, this makes me even sadder.
I'm all alone now. There's no one who could take me to music festivals, or accompany me to watch my brother perform live as well as other local artists.

Sometimes, I wish my friends were a little more like me, so we could do lots of things together.
But I guess you can't choose who you became friends with, things just happen.
The whole point of this post has been just to tell the story of how my brother is in a band and also because I miss my sister.
Yesterday, he shared an article written by two expats in Malaysia, mentioning their band, The Metaphor. (click here to read it)
I was proud and happy for him that their band is getting more acknowledgement and exposure.
Which is why I decided to blog.
I hope they won't stop getting attention and that the name "The Metaphor" will be known by many for years to come.

I stole this from their facebook page, plus, bro looks cool here with his fluffy hair. 

So, please check out their music.

Spotify: Listen here
Facebook page: Follow Here
Instagram: Stalk Here

If you like them, you could purchase their physical album by contacting the band through this email or on iTunes here.

Also, they have an upcoming gig this 1st of October. 
It's free, so come and support them and our local music scene.
Details: Moonshine


ps: I have a feeling, if my brother ends up reading this post, he'll be surprised. it's going to be AWKWARD.

 Till next time.
 Cheers mes amies! 


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