Wednesday, April 29, 2015

♭♬ "Every minute’s adding up, and leaving a mark on us."

So, they turn one month old yesterday. 

_ _ _ _ _

 Guys, I smell strawberry!

Why do I look like a cat?  

 What cha looking at?

Hey, what's over there? Looks interesting. 

Shit. This is going to sound weird but I think someone's stalking us. Don't turn around! 

 Yes, I know. My face. It's half brown, half black. Also, I have a white nose. Yes I know all that.

 Oh my, how will I face this world? I don't want to grow up...

F***. Definitely a mistake there. Shouldn't have jump. Why did I jump?

Hey there, do I look like a Trojan horse yet? A pirate Trojan horse I bet.

Come on now, jump my brother(or maybe sister)!

Dang it, I can't! HELP ME!

_ _ _ _ _

The. End.

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